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From a life of humble beginnings in Attapulgus, Georgia, Apostle Charlotte, affectionately called "Charlie" by family and friends, completed studies in Computer Science at Allentown, Pennsylvania, then went on to further studies in Special Education at the Kutztown State University, also in Pennsylvania and has since received her Masters, and is currently working on her Doctorate, but has an Honorary Doctorate.

In 1974, Apostle Charlotte married Shingles Hayes Jr , her high school sweetheart. From this marriage of 22 years were born Mankell Hayes, her son, and Rose Shavi Haye, her daughter. She is the grandmother of 6.

Gifted in communications, Apostle Charlotte owned her own Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, and Banking consulting company, traveling extensively all over the United States, and outside the US. An entrepreneur blessed with great professional success, yet God had another plan. In 1987, the Lord called and elevated Apostle Charlotte and through a dream came the instructions and name of her ministry - then called Divine Direction Ministries, a ministry for hurting people, geared to men and women, providing food, housing, and spiritual guidance.

During the latter years of Apostle Charlotte's marriage to Shingle Hayes, life took a profound unexpected turn, as her husband was diagnosed with HIV and AIDS. Choosing to stay with her husband, she took care of him until he died of AIDS. Through hard and trying times filled with joy and much pain, the Lord drew Apostle Charlotte even closer to him, having no one else to depend upon. Many turned their backs on her and therefore it was important for her not to turn her back on them as she had experienced. She stands today as a "miracle and living testimony" of the goodness and true faithfulness of God -- as she herself was never infected with the virus. To God be the glory!


praying, teaching, and helping people